About Us

DISPACE architecture I interior design operates Milan and Bergamo,
realizes and follows Architecture and Interior Design projects all over the world

Our philosophy

The choice of the name is not accidental. DISPACE is an acronym formed with the letters of the words:

Design, Space and Emotions

Each project conceived and created byDISPACE deals with these three aspects with the strong objective of satisfying the requirements and needs mutually agreed with our customers following the strong desire to find effective communication and attention to detail throughout all the design and construction phases.


Design understood not only in its most common meaning which refers most of the time to the modern and apparently trendy style of furnishing objects or, in a broader sense, to fashion or interior decoration. In many cases it is used erroneously to define a quality product or a refined aesthetic personality. In English, however, the term is less connotative but more efficient since it is understood in the sense of “project” or “design”.


Architecture is made of space and to be perceived requires the active participation of man, that is, of our reality, of us people who move around it. Therefore, the architect does not exclusively produce works to be enjoyed from an aesthetic point of view, like the painter and the sculptor but elaborates works or projects of works intended for specific practical functions, that is works to be ‘used’. In fact, architecture is based on an ideal line where functionality and beauty coexist in close relationship and perfect balance.


Our work aims to transform physical spaces into living spaces, seeking harmony between what the person wants and feels (emotion) and what it is space (architecture) of course requires. The organization of spaces with the modulation of full and empty spaces, the choice of finishes , color and lighting are the key elements to create a home that is at the same time functional, beautiful and emotionally welcoming.

Get to know us

DISPACE Architecture and Interior Design was born in 2019 from an idea of ​​a group of architects and designers.
Classmates at the Politecnico di Milano, friends in life, after several years of experience in the field of Architecture and Interior Design, they decided to put into practice the professional knowledge and skills acquired in important architectural firms to put them at the service of those who wish to realize their ideas and dreams.

Our Team

Each member and contributor of DISPACE becomes an integral part of the idea development process to create unique and authentic projects for our customers. In DISPACE teamwork is essential to offer a keystone in the services offered to our customers.

Luca Preis
Luca PreisPrincipal
Graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano with honors.
In 2009 he began his professional activity at a prestigious Bergamo Architecture Studio, becoming a senior architect and project manager / construction manager, dealing with the architectural design of important and complex public works. He collaborates with the Politecnico di Milano where he carries out the teaching and research activity of Architectural Design.
Davide Di Spaldro
Davide Di SpaldroSenior Architect
Master’s Degree in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano with honors. In 2009 he began his activity at a prestigious architecture firm in Milan and subsequently collaborated with construction companies dealing with interior design for luxury residences and architectural design of villas and offices. He has a decade of experience as a project manager / construction manager. He collaborated with the Politecnico di Milano dealing with territorial and urban planning.
Manuela Spada
Manuela SpadaInterior Designer
Relational Psychocorporeal Counselor, as a training, and Interior Designer by passion. The passion for interior design was born almost parallel to the end of his studies as a Counselor. Understanding initially and later helping customers during the design stages is his mission. Collaborating with DISPACE, which has emotional design in its mission, has become natural and strategic.
Federica Preis
Federica PreisGraphic Designer
Always passionate about illustration and comics, she graduated in 2009 at the School of Comics in Milan. Drawing remains his source of inspiration even when he specializes as a graphic designer in advertising studios and holding companies. Among the works created, the short film by Charro Accessori, entirely conceived and designed and broadcast by Mediaset networks, and the cushions for the “I Maestri del Paesaggio” event in Città Alta, Bergamo, stand out.