DISPACE designs new buildings 
and takes care
of building renovation and expansion or New Constructions of both private and public buildings. Study, experimentation and dedication are key elements of the design that leads the Studio to follow projects in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Architecture and Emotion

Our projects aim to transform free and / or existing spaces into spaces dedicated to daily life and the sociality of the people who live there. For DISPACE, the search for harmony is fundamental in every project; the harmony between what the person wants and feels (emotion) and what the space (architecture) naturally asks. The result is an aesthetic based on the balance of architectural forms where the study of the context and materials make each building designed and built unique.

Space in Architecture

Architecture is made of space and human participation is necessary to be perceived. Unlike artists, the architect does not produce works to be enjoyed from an aesthetic point of view, but elaborates projects intended for precise practical functions, they are works to be ‘used’.

The DISPACE team is always ready to respond to any problem that may arise during the construction phase. They have always given constant support during our execution of the works with a lot of cordiality and professionalism.


I had no idea how my apartment could become and uncertain about the usefulness of renovating. I had few ideas on how to modify my apartment: I wanted to create a single living area, combining the kitchen and living room and above all to hide the shutter boxes. DISPACE surprised me in the true sense of the word, he made drawings that immediately convinced me to do the work as they summarized everything I wanted, to unite the rooms in a warm and welcoming space for my family.

Client M.B.