Design Services

Each of our works is characterized by a sophisticated and innovative design. Each project is tailor-made to fully meet the needs of our customers

Transforming homes into our clients’ dream visions

Our Mission

We deal with a wide range of projects.

Our main goal is to understand our client’s needs. Our best ability is to obtain the maximum satisfaction of our customer: we share with him all the phases of our work, in order to achieve what he really wants. LISTENING to our customer’s needs is the most important phase of our working method, on which all the others depend consecutively.


Our Vision

We approach all projects individually. Each project begins with an exploration of the customer’s needs and evolves with the assessment of budget, position and context without the imposition of styles or preconceived solutions. We strive to integrate eco-friendly design with environmentally friendly technologies and materials wherever possible.

Le Fasi di Lavoro

Architectural Concept

This is the phase of collecting general data and information. We begin by exploring the vision of the project together with our client, including its character, its aesthetic perception and a list of spaces and functions envisaged. If the project is a new construction, we visit the site to assess all the aspects to be considered in the design phase: the surrounding context, the landscape, the views, the orientation of the buildings or the accessibility to existing services.

During this phase we like to share with our client a series of images and references collected from books, trade magazines, websites to evaluate together ideas for a possible layout or for some design elements: we use our and your inspiration to generate a concept. This is the time to dream, thinking of all the possibilities.

The preliminary design evolves over the course of a series of meetings and intends to explore a number of potential approaches to consider. We create 3D renderings and preliminary schematic drawings, which can include plans, sections, external and internal elevations, preliminary structural systems and an initial energy evaluation.

Design Development

Once the preliminary design has been approved, we prepare detailed drawings to illustrate the agreed final design, including plans, elevations and sections, as well as the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical plant designs. We also prepare a list of materials for external and internal finishes. We also complement this phase with a 3D model that is able to reproduce the final aspect of the project in a realistic way to share it with our client before construction begins.

At the conclusion of the development of the project, we prepare a specification of technical specifications to be attached to the drawings to solicit preliminary estimates of construction prices from the companies. This is the phase in which we try to find that solution that can be the right compromise between what the customer wants, what he needs and what he wants to spend.

Costruction & Management

After the definitive phase, on the basis of the prices, the budget and the evolution of the project, we develop the documents necessary for the contractor to establish the actual construction costs and to obtain the authorizations from the Authorities (Municipality, Fire Brigade, ATS, etc. .).

DISPACE is also able to notify our customers of any contractors; these contractors can join the client-architect team at the beginning of the design process. Alternatively, Di Space can conduct, on behalf of our customers, a formal bidding process with multiple potential contractors and assist you in evaluating bids before selecting the contractor. This phase ends when a building permit is obtained and a contractor is selected.

During the construction phase, DISPACE will supervise the Works Management ensuring the regular execution of the works in accordance with the project, regulations and from the contract, giving appropriate instructions when necessary. In addition, Di Space will take care of the technical, accounting and administrative control during the execution of the intervention by carrying out periodic visits to the construction site. At the end of this phase, Di Space closes the works, with a final check of the works.