Black Crystal House


The BLACK CRYSTAL HOUSE is located in a residential district of Singapore and has the characteristic of having been designed to be energy efficient and sustainable from an environmental point of view. The house has a steel supporting structure made up of recycled beams, as they come from an old disused factory located near the project site, which have undergone a cleaning and renovation treatment before their use.
The house was designed to make the most of the maximum amount of energy possible and ensure good climate adaptation. The core of the house consists of a multifunctional central body developed at full height. In this nucleus there are, on the ground floor, the living area and the vertical connection to the upper floor made by means of a spiral staircase. Along the south-facing side there are two large openings which, together with the double height of the central body, help to create an extremely large and bright environment and, in the same way, allow the space of the living area to be extended outwards, creating a continuity between the internal space and the external space with the pool area. On the ground floor of the house there is also a sleeping area with two bedrooms with bathrooms and walk-in closets, which can be accessed through an opening directly from the living area. The spiral staircase leads to the upper floor of the house where the master bedroom is located, preceded by a corridor equipped for office activities. The master bedroom is contained in a cantilevered element that extends beyond the volume of the central body, decisively characterizing the formal aspect of the entire building.
Externally, the house is mostly covered with photovoltaic panels and the remainder with recycled corrugated metal sheet panels also coming from the decommissioned industrial site, after having been carefully cleaned and renovated. High efficiency monocrystalline modules are positioned on the roof, while on the external fronts CIGS type amorphous silicon photovoltaic panels (acronym for copper indium gallium selenide; i.e. copper indium gallium selenide), a semiconductor material able to exploit the diffuse radiation. In this way the facades of the house become a filter capable of managing seasonal climatic variations and guaranteeing adequate internal comfort. Together with the energy production, the external envelope was also designed to minimize dispersion through the use of vacuum insulating panels, while all the transparent components consist of opening windows equipped with triple glazing with highly insulating cavities. Optimal control of climatic conditions is also guaranteed by the installation of a high-efficiency heat pump capable of meeting energy needs in both summer and winter.